MountainFilm on Tour

I'm very happy for Lost in Light to be part of MountainFilm on Tour and MountainFilm for Students. Mountainfilm travels year-round and worldwide with a selection of current and best-loved films from the annual festival in Telluride. MountainFilm for Students plays educational, entertaining and inspiring content for students all over the world. The playlists focuses on compelling educational and inspirational documentary short films to get students thinking. These playlists target films that are timely, regionally relevant, or topics not commonly discussed or seen. It also makes me very happy that the MountainFilm on Tour poster has my 'Milky Way over Crater Lake' image as a backdrop. 

Mountain Film on Tour.png

Iā€™m extremely happy for this film to be part of MountainFilm for Students. Astronomy has inspired so many people throughout our history from Artists to Poets to Scientists. I think that we have lost the potential for thousands of great minds these days. Millions of children will never see a sky full of stars or the Milky Way. It is very important for children to be fascinated by the night skies and exposed to Astronomy. The nice thing about Astronomy is that it makes you ask questions. And when kids ask questions, they learn more about our surroundings and the world we live in and beyond. 

Check out their trailer.