Sriram Murali - Director/Producer

Sriram is a filmmaker, Night Sky Photographer and Public Education Volunteer for the International Dark-Sky Association. He is passionate about Astronomy and Wildlife. He uses Photography and film making to raise awareness on Astronomy and Light Pollution.



Jorge Gonzalez - Music Director

Jorge Gonzalez is an orchestral composer / arranger and songwriter based in San Francisco. As a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, software engineer and father of two he spends most of his time among notes, codes and legos.


Ariel Utin Lalkin - Associate Photographer

Ariel is a filmmaker with a passion for documentary-style work. As a co-founder of the La Leche Productions, Director of Communications of the Solo Foundation, and a NY-based filmmaker for YouTube at Google, she can often be found running around New York City interviewing its many fascinating inhabitants. Born in Spain to an Israeli mother, she has grown to be fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew, and this prismatic array of culture permeates her work.


Ed Hickey - Sound Editing & Mixing

Ed Hickey is a mixing and mastering engineer based in San Francisco.  In his 20 year career, his work has ranged from hiphop and electronic music to podcasts and documentaries.